28 Jan

BENEFICIAL NEMATODES – Steinernematid and Heterorhabditatid

Beneficial nematodes, also know as Guardian/Lawn Patrol, effectively control more than 250 insect pests in the soil including: Cut worms, Japanese beetle grubs, Thrips, Flea beetles, Fruit flies, Assassin bugs, various bark beetles and many more. Beneficial nematodes enter the pest insect (host)and feed on it from the inside. They kill their host within 24-48 hours. They also reproduce within their host, providing long-term control. Beneficial nematodes will not harm humans, animals, plants, ladybugs or earthworms. Easy application with hose-end sprayer, pump sprayer, watering can or bucket. All applicators must be chemical-free.

Also available: GUARDIAN/GNAT PATROL – Steinernema Carpocapsae and Feltiae used to control Fungus gnats.

Release Rate: 1 million covers 3,000 square feet. 24 million per acre. Significant quantity discounts available.

I have made many purchases from you and it has made a tremendous difference in my lawn.” — Peggy C., California

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