28 Jan

TRICHOGRAMMA – T. Pretiosum, T. Minutum

Trichogramma are tiny insectary grown wasps that attack over 200 pest species including the eggs of codling moth, fruitworms, cane borers, corn earworms and almost all moth and butterfly eggs that hatch into worm pests. The parasite is effective by killing the pests before they damage the plant. By suppressing the life cycle of the pests, there is a reduction in the number of eggs, which results in fewer pest insects surviving to adulthood. Trichogramma are shipped while still parasitized in the host egg. They are very small, 5 of them could fit together on the end of a pencil point. Trichogramma should be released at the first sign of moths. We recommend a bi-weekly (every two weeks) release as long as the moths are present.

Release Rate: Each package (approximately 5,000 eggs) covers an area up to 170 square feet. For large areas release approximately 40,000 per acre.

“I have battled oak worms for years. Thank you, thank you, thank you for supplying your good bugs.” — Stephen R., Texas

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